Four O Six Report


Two months ago I stopped in to fourOsix , Montana's premier clothing/ skate/ snowboarding shop/ art gallery. I met Papu, the owner, and we talked about doing a gallery show sometime in the next six months or so. 

Until a week ago, I was thinking the show would be in November, maybe December. Then, on Monday, September 30, Papu asked me if I could be ready for an opening on Friday, October 4th. Friday! As in five days away!  

 "Sure," I said, having no clue how I would get it done, "No problem!"

And so began a week of printing, framing, drawing, printing and framing....and drawing. And then some more printing and framing.  

After five nights of working until one or two in the morning, and then getting up at 7am to do it again, we had eighteen pieces of art on the walls.

Let's do this! 

Let's do this! 

So I put on a Jurassic Park t-shirt and a sports coat (because, come on, what's more classy than that?) and prepared for the worst.  

With just a week of prep time and less than two days of advertising, I was more than a little worried that nobody would show up. Well, after about an hour or two, with so many people in the building it was hard to walk around, my fears were long gone!

I'll be honest, a party where people praise your work, and even buy some of it, is definitely my favorite kind!  After a crazy week, it was a great way to relax. 

A big thanks to everybody who came out. I am extremely grateful to all of you.

A really big thank you to Papu, for putting on this show and for letting a bunch of Dinosaurs take over his store for the next month!

And again, a very special thank you to my girlfriend, Annie, for helping me every step of the way with all that drawing, and printing, and framing, and drawing and all the craziness that came with it. 

For anybody interested in ordering prints from the show, send me an email and we'll make it happen. 

Four O Six: Sixty Five Million Years Ago runs through the month of October, head on down to fourOsix and check it out!

Look for the sabertooth lounging in the front window. 

Look for the sabertooth lounging in the front window.